Arrive by bike

Cycling routes

Depending on how adventurous you’re feeling, there are various start points for this route.

Short route

A nice short route for those feeling less energetic, would be to begin at Mylor bridge car park. From there cycle South West towards Penryn then turn North towards Stockdale then back around to the Pandora Inn. After a delicious relaxing lunch you can then take the short cycle south back to the Mylor Bridge car park.

Long route

Having parked your car in between Penryn and Falmouth (shown on the map) follow the signs for Penryn. When you reach the T junction you will have a choice of either turning right towards Mylor Bridge (shorter route) or left towards Stockdale (longer route). Both routes lead to the Pandora Inn. After a leisurely lunch and a much needed drink you can take either the Mylor Bridge or the Stockdale route back, depending on how much you have indulged and how much you feel you need to cycle off!