Keeping it green and keeping it local at the Pandora…

How much do you value your ‘local’? Do you still have a local? Depending on where you live, you may not even have many pubs left in your area. Fortunately, in this part of the world, we still have pubs a-plenty and the Pandora, as well as being an immensely popular watering hole for visitors, is also a much-loved local.
Pubs play a key role within local communities – holding social events, supporting local charities, employing local people and buying services and products from local businesses. And in today’s climate, we also have to work hard at addressing issues of sustainability by adopting ‘green’ practices in relation to energy management, recycling and waste and water consumption. All this is double important, and harder to achieve, when you are in a location as idyllic and ‘off the beaten track’ as the Pandora!
Almost everything we purchase is from companies based in Cornwall which ensures that what we spend creates employment for other local businesses. We actively look for locally produced alternatives to the more commonly seen national alternatives – for example, sell Frobisher’s Fusions instead of brand leader J2O.
100% of the staff we employ live within 12 miles of the pub with over 50% living within walking distance which dramatically reduces our carbon footprint. We work closely with other local businesses to mutual benefit including cross selling our services with local B&Bs, holiday cottages and the Falmouth Water Taxi.
Regular fund raising events have enabled us to support local Cornish charities with donations totalling over £3,000 in 2013, including a popular decision to donate the 1p per pint reduction in beer duty to charity! Using our large Facebook following we canvassed our friends, along with our staff, as to who we should support.
We have a robust waste management policy and have achieved a 60% reduction in landfill by recycling cardboard, paper, plastic, metal and glass. Food waste is collected separately for composting and waste oil is made into bio-diesel. We have waterless urinals and movement sensor taps in the gentlemen’s toilets and all commercial equipment, including the pub’s boiler, are modern and low energy rated. We have low energy light fittings throughout the building and have installed light sensors in low traffic areas.
You’ll find a dedicated sustainability tab on our website that details our aims and achievements along with links to local businesses and suppliers and a ‘how to get to us’ section promoting alternative ways of reaching the pub other than by car

We are always looking to improve our green credentials, so if you have any ideas, do please let us know, we value your feedback on all aspects of the Pandora.
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