Keeping it local: Cornish Coffee

We like to keep it local, it makes sense on so many levels. We are supporting local employers and in turn their local workforce, reducing air miles and bringing you great local products. Here, we feature local supplier Cornish Coffee.

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? Our coffee gets lots of compliments and it’s local! Cornish Coffee are specialists in small-batch roasting right here in Cornwall. It’s a time-honoured artisan method that uses much smaller machines and less than 10kg of beans per roast to ensure the utmost freshness and an even more refined taste.

We use Cornish Coffee’s ‘Hand Roasted in Cornwall’ medium-bodied espresso that has fruity tones, honey sweetness and a nutty, chocolaty caramel bite to finish – a treat for all the senses. As the name suggests, this blend is roasted right here in Cornwall and is sourced from traditional organic coffee farms in Brazil and Colombia. Here the coffee grows in a paradise of flora – avocados, mangoes, violets and pansies – and is washed and fermented with crystal clear water that pours off the mountains. It all lends to the richness and complexity of the flavour when it finally reaches your cup here on Restronguet Creek!

Not only is Cornish Coffee delicious, but it’s also 100% Fairtrade and organic. Fairtrade coffee isn’t just good news for the coffee farmer, it’s also good news for the environment. If coffee beans are fairly priced, then farmers don’t have to worry about cultivating more coffee crops, which in turn leads to fewer trees being cut down to make room for these crops. Fairtrade coffee farmers are also forbidden from using harmful agrochemicals and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), keeping ecosystems safe and farmers’ health conditions protected. Waste disposal, laws prohibiting planting in certain areas, and conservation of water are environmental focuses in the Fairtrade industry.

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