Wine flights of what you fancy!

Finding just the right wine to suit your palate or to accompany your meal is a very personal thing. So how would you like to sample different wines before you take the plunge with a whole bottle? Our new ‘Wine Flights’ for white, red and rosé give you the chance to do just that and find out which one takes your fancy!

WhiteFlightFBOur award-winning wine list gives you plenty of information about the wines, whether they are dry or sweet, light or full-bodied, vegetarian or organic but you’ll only know if you love or hate a wine when you try it.

So, we have specially designed elegant wooden glass holders which give you the choice of 100ml of three different wines, with each wine numbered so you know which one you are trying.

The White Wine Flight: Try three Sauvignon Blancs – 100ml taster each of Estampilla de Genio, Taworri and Sancerre for £9.00

RedFlightFBThe Red Wine Flight: Try three red wines – 100ml taster each of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Malbec for £7.75

The Rosé Wine Flight: Try three rosé wines – 100ml taster each of Shiraz Rosado, Pinot Grigio and White Zinfandel for £7.00

The wine flights are proving really popular and are a great sociable way to taste different wines with a friend or partner – and you’ll be sharing less than half a bottle of wine between you, so you can tick the ‘responsible drinking’ box as well! Cheers!





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