It’s all in the teamwork!

At the heart of any successful business is great teamwork – and in the hospitality industry, where so much interaction is face-to-face, a top-class team is absolutely essential.

Waiter pontoonSMOur aim is to ensure that every customer has an enjoyable and memorable experience. To try and achieve this, every member of our team is essential – from the staff that keep the pub spotlessly clean, to the people in the kitchen who do the thankless task of washing the dishes and maintaining the hygiene standards that give us our five star rating, to the waiting staff who walk miles every day (literally!) to serve your food and drinks.

Then there’s the kitchen team that sources the ingredients, develops the recipes and then produces the wonderful array of dishes on our menu… through to Beth, Debbie, Catherine and Lester the management team who work with owners Steve and John to pull the whole operation together.

We like to think of the Pandora as an elegant swan, gliding up Restronguet Creek, all calm on the surface, while underneath everyone is paddling like mad to ensure the smooth running of a business than can serve over 600 main meals a day in high season.

BusyKitchen1We are pleased to say that we have high rates of staff retention which means we have a strong core team that are here throughout the year. Seasonally, we are joined by local students and others looking for holiday jobs, and many of them come back year after year, with some then eventually joining us full time.

We offer our team in-house training and actively encourage them to undertake external training in a range of areas as appropriate. Training can cover all sorts of things – from access to wine tasting, and from fire safety to food hygiene.

We know we don’t always get it right, but we do our absolute best and, if we get it wrong, we do ask that you tell us (at the time!) so we can attempt to put it right. We welcome your feedback through our website, and also on our Facebook page, and we do listen.

So, what are some of the more amusing things that go wrong?

  • Carrying trays of food out to diners on the pontoon and seeing the frothy head off pints of beer, or poppadoms on the top of curries take off in the wind and disappear out to sea!
  • Serving behind the bar in Wellies at high tide and having to ‘take the plug out’ in the front bar and brush out the water as the tide goes out.
  • Not remembering to duck under low beams and doorways yet managing to not to spill a drop from a tray full of drinks!
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