Keeping it local – Cornish coffee just keeps getting better…

CornishCoffee2As part of our quest to keep it local, as well as selling Cornish grown tea from Tregothnan, we also sell Cornish coffee! While the climate in England isn’t suitable for growing coffee beans (unsurprisingly!) we do get our coffee from a local supplier, Cornish Coffee, who now hand roast their coffee beans in Cornwall!

At the Pandora, we have offered a full range of coffees including latte, espresso and cappuccino – coffee is very much part of the non-alcoholic drink choice in any pub these days, but we like to think our locally roasted coffee is extra special.

Roasting is the most important stage in coffee production before the cup and can make or break a good Coffee&Cake15FBquality cup of coffee. Cornish Coffee has now brought the roasting process in-house by installing a brand new roaster at their Redruth branch.

Cornish Coffee are specialists in small batch roasting, a time-honoured artisan method, which uses much smaller machines and less than 10kg of beans per roast, to ensure the utmost freshness and a more refined taste.

Roasting is the stage where the coffee farmer’s hard work is celebrated. Key elements –such as weight, colour, moisture, leakage, aroma, extraction time and grinding size – are checked meticulously throughout the process.


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